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Be inspired by completed projects using the Instant Barn Wood Treatment from our trusted customers!

Dave Levasseur

Birch Coffee Table

I’m very satisfied with the results and didn’t have any trouble applying a varnish on top!

Normand Lévesque

Spruce exterior cladding of a cottage

I’m blown-away by this new product. It only took us 2 hours to coat the whole cottage. It’s super easy to use and so fast! We saved over $500 with this treatment and most importantly, we saved a lot of time.

Vincent Bélanger

Spruce-pine mix tool shed

I am very pleased with the finished look and it’s really easy to apply: anyone can use it and it’s a really eco-friendly product.

Jean-Philippe gagnon

Spruce-Pine mixed barrel table top

Thank you to Instant Barn Wood: the results are amazing, it was exactly what I had in mind for my project.

Cédric Landry

Spruce deck

I loved working with the Instant Barn Wood product!! It’s so easy to use, I even did most of the floor with a mop. It’s not messy at all and the results is even better that I had hoped!

Would you like to know how to apply the Instant Barn Wood Treatment to your project in regards to the type of wood you have chosen? Consult our Completed Project Results Table!

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